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We take the entire flooring process seriously, right down to the finest detail. To create a successful installation of your floor, we offer only the highest quality of products to compliment your flooring to last throughout the years.

Contact our experts to recommend the products for your project.

Transition Mouldings

All options are available in Hickory, Hard Maple, Red and White Oak

  • A) Stair nosing

  • B) T-mould

  • C) Quarter Round

  • D) Reducer




Available for our parquet flooring, unfinished engineered flooring, and prefinished engineered flooring.

The adhesive is rated for specific coverage per product.

  • Parquet flooring – 80 sq ft

  • Unfinished engineered flooring – 55 sq ft

  • Prefinished engineered flooring – 55 sq ft

Stair Treads and Risers


Available in Hickory, Hard Maple, Red and White Oak

  • Stair treads are standard size of 11½ x 1 1/32″

  • Risers are standard size of 7½ x ¾”

  • Lengths begin at 36″ and increase in 6″ increments

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